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Formed July 2012
Assets in: Texas, Ohio

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Formed in October 2013
Assets in: Texas, Ohio & West Virginia

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Formed in December 2014
Assets in: Texas, West Virginia & Ohio

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Formed in 2017
Interest in: Texas, New Mexico, Ohio, West Virginia


The Team at Resource Minerals has been engaged in buying and managing minerals and royalties for nearly 2 decades. We are a privately held company based in Austin, TX. We employ local representatives where we work to facilitate a smooth transaction with you.

The Resource Team believes in treating people the way we like to be treated. Our entire team will work to make a transaction with us a straight forward experience for you and your family.

Resource Minerals currently manages over $1 billion (SEC PV0) in assets in South Texas, West Texas, Ohio and West Virginia. We continue to work with many of those who retained a portion of their minerals helping them deal with the oil and gas operators. One of our main strengths is that we have been oil and gas drillers ourselves all over the country and we understand that side of the business very well. That knowledge makes us a good co-owner in minerals going forward should you chose to only sell us a portion of your assets.

When you contact Resource Minerals,  Tessa Quintana as the as a main point of contact. Further along the path of making a fair deal for you and us, you may deal with Robert Rieck. In either case, we think you will appreciate the honesty and positive attitude everyone here will present in your dealings with us. We look forward to working with you and your family on such an important decision.

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